Shaun is the co-author of the groundbreaking book, “Boys Do Cry.” This collection of true stories features men who have overcome adversity and broken through the stigma surrounding their mental health and emotions. Shaun shares his personal experiences in the hopes of reaching those who need to embrace their self-worth and overcome any obstacles that may be standing in the way of their truth.
Shaun holds a Certified Recovery Support Worker Certificate in the state of New Hampshire and has extensive experience in the substance use, mental health, and homelessness fields. As a CRSW and a Substance Use Treatment Educator, he is passionate about helping others reach their potential, even when they may not see it for themselves. This drive has led him to give talks and facilitate open conversations with audiences all across New England.
Aside from his work, Shaun is also a devoted father to his daughter, an ultramarathon runner, and a music enthusiast. He is a man on a mission to raise awareness and show the world just how amazing life can be if you have the courage to take that first step. His dedication to the substance use and mental health fields is both motivating and inspiring. He takes along with him the motto “Become a part of the Solution” in hopes of breaking down stigmas and building up communities.

Sometimes You Just Have to
Take the Next Right Step

UnYielded: Thriving No Matter What

Terri Wellbrock

The Healing Place Podcast

Terri Wellbrock - The Healing Place Podcast

Veterans Serving Veterans

Addiction to Recovery

In this thought-provoking keynote address, Shaun Coffey offers a personal and insightful perspective on his journey overcoming addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges. Tailored to a diverse audience ranging from middle school to college-age students, as well as industry and non-profit organizations, this powerful speech sheds light on the reality of addiction and mental health disorders, dispelling common misconceptions and stigma.
Shaun, a Certified Recovery Support Worker in New Hampshire, draws on his extensive experience of seven years in substance use and mental health clinical environments and fourteen years of sustained recovery to provide the audience with a roadmap for finding sobriety and a fulfilling life in recovery. Through his inspiring story, Shaun invites listeners to become part of the solution in addressing the complex issues of addiction and mental health. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and be moved by Shaun’s message of hope and perseverance.

Courage Required

In this groundbreaking presentation, Shaun sheds light on the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and childhood trauma. This heartfelt speech resonates with survivors, parents, students, teachers, and professionals alike as Shaun shares his personal and professional experiences of growing up in an abusive and neglectful environment. He delves into the effects of childhood trauma on the brain and its lingering impact on a person’s mental health and personal development well into adulthood.
Through this presentation, Shaun encourages the audience to face their adversities with courage and overcome the mental health challenges that trauma can cause. He provides inspirational motivation to unite people and encourage them to take proactive steps towards their own recovery, rather than waiting for help to come to them. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of childhood trauma and be inspired by Shaun’s message of hope and perseverance.
High School – College – Non Profit – Educators
Join us for an impactful and eye-opening keynote speech where the speaker shares his personal journey of overcoming addiction and the challenges of a difficult upbringing. Tailored to high schools, colleges, and non-profit organizations, this presentation offers a unique and relatable perspective on the struggles of addiction and its effects on individuals and communities.
With humor and real-life experiences, the speaker brings the audience on a journey of self-discovery and growth. He challenges the audience to confront their own fears and doubts and encourages them to find their own path to healing and success. The message is one of hope and inspiration, encouraging the audience to never give up on themselves and to always strive for growth and self-improvement.
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear a powerful and inspiring story of resilience and the importance of overcoming adversity. The speaker’s message will leave a lasting impact on the audience and provide them with the motivation to make positive changes in their own lives.