Shaun is the co-author of the stigma-breaking book, ‘Boys Do Cry. A collection of true stories by men who overcome adversity and gender conformity surrounding their mental health and emotions. He shares his life experiences in hopes that it reaches someone who needs to harness their self-worth and overcome obstacles standing in the way of their truth.

He currently holds a Recovery Support Worker Certificate in the state of New Hampshire and works as a case manager for a transitional housing program for veterans experiencing homelessness. He graduated from the same program in 2014, he states that “Helping others reach their potential when they sometimes can’t see it” is the most rewarding and inspiring thing to watch.” It is this passion that led him to create talks and open up conversation and communication with audiences all over New England. 

He is a father to a 9-year old daughter, an ultramarathon runner, and a music enthusiast. He is a man a mission. raising awareness and bringing to light just how amazing life can be if you’re courageous enough to take the first step.


Boys Do Cry with Shaun Coffey

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Tamara Fraser - All that Wonder Podcast

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Veterans Serving Veterans

Addiction to Recovery

This informative and eye opening keynote speech, provides a window into Shaun’s battle with addiction, homelessness, mental health and the drive and determination it took to turn all of that around. This powerful speech is tailored to the audience, which ranges from middle school to college age and includes industry and non profit companies, events, training and functions. Shaun talks about his road to finding sobriety and what a life of recovery has provided for him, current day. He touches on common misconceptions and stigma surrounding addiction and mental health disorders and how they affect the person. The concept of this keynote speech is becoming part of the solution. Shaun Coffey is a Certified Recovery Support Worker in the state of New Hampshire. He has spent 5 years in clinical environments of substance use and mental health as well as 12 years of sustained recovery. He is currently a Case Manager at a Veterans Transitional Housing Facility that he graduated from himself in 2015.

Courage Required

In this groundbreaking presentation Shaun talks about the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and childhood trauma. This speech touches the hearts of survivors, parents, students, and teachers and professionals alike. Shaun use’s first hand experiences both personal and professional, to talk to the audience about what it’s like growing up in an abusive and neglectful environment, what it does to the brain, and how it affects people well into adulthood. A large portion of this presentation is about finding the courage to face adversity and overcome the overwhelming mental health and personal development challenges that trauma can cause to a person. He offers inspirational motivation as way to unite people and encourage them to follow his lead in reaching in instead of waiting for them to reach out.

Terri Wellbrock - The Healing Place Podcast

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